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Begin your training at home!

The Triad Mind recordings are designed as a streamed home study course. All you need is internet access, a comfortable, quiet place to relax and a pair of headphones. Whether you are just beginning a meditation practice or are an experienced explorer looking to go deeper, you will find what you need without leaving home. Each level of study is available to you 24/7 and contains all you need to begin your journey pursuant to your goals. Each level of membership for the home study courses are designed for different outcomes.

The Expanding On Consciousness Podcast

Hosted by Mark Certo

Meditation Memberships

Monthly Membership Access to Audio For Profound States of meditation

The Triad Mind recordings in each membership utilize reverse engineered EEG patterns of people in altered states into sound patterns which serve as evoked potential to induce the same states in the listener. Achieving profound states is as easy as wearing headphones.

Level One: The Body/Mind

Meditation Memberships

Level Two: Body / Mind / Spirit

Meditation Memberships

The Triad Mind Program

A Progressive Tool to help you explore, focus & direct consciousness

The Triad Mind Program is a progressive, 3-stage program where participants explore various degrees of the hypnagogic state to achieve Self Realization and Self Actualization.

Self Actualization is defined as the ability to create happiness through fulfilling the needs of the individuals body, mind and spirit. Self Realization is defined as the cognition that you are a being existing on multiple dimensions as a body, mind and a spirit. We view self realization as the core aspect of the creative or motive power behind the actualization of the self. Self actualization is presented as a top/down process; using the mind in tandem with the spirit to create wisely.

Each stage must be completed before moving on to the next one (and each stage is priced separately).

The Triad Mind Program: Stage One – Cornerstone

Triad Mind Membership