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Frequently asked questions

There are many therapist who use these recordings for therapeutic puposes. Ask your therapist if meditation and the exploration of altered states through meditation is right for you.

I see no reason not to. In all of my years of experience, I have never met anyone who has had an adverse effect from listening to any of the work I have done, through my own company or with the Monroe Institute/ Monroe Products. This is probably because the methods have been so well researched. If you are on anti anxiety meds and are unsure, you probably want to consult your physician.


As I said earlier, in the right hands, binaural beats can be effective in invoking relaxation, but I am not so sure it is because they manipulate brainwaves into specific patterns. TTM recordings are more than just binaural beats anyway. They are skillfully crafted meditation recordings which contain narration, binaural beats, music and many other sounds to enhance the ones natural ability to move into an altered state of consciousness and trip the relaxation response. If relaxation and meditation is not recommended for treatment of anxiety by your physician, then don’t use these recordings.

The answer is no. I became Robert Monroe’s recording engineer/producer and a member of the lab team at the Monroe Institute in 1988, where I served for 13 years. While I was somewhat privy to the work that was done by Bob with the DIA and CIA, that program and affiliation was severed by the time I arrived. Irrespective of the many rumors floating around on the internet, I can assure you that the PSI research being done by both organizations was quite scientific and theoretical. It addressed the possibility of affecting reality through consciousness. It also addressed things like remote viewing and the possibility of utilizing psychics as spies during the cold war era. It also addressed things like using the subconscious as a means of accelerated learning. The exploration of altered states applied is quite vast.


All of that said, I have never been, nor do intend on becoming affiliated with the CIA. If I was or did intend to, I would never make a public website for the purpose of exploring and applying altered states. I would think the government would not take kindly to that and they certainly would have made their displeasure known to me by now.


I would also like to state publicly, that very few of the experts on the subject found on the internet have any real knowledge of these programs as they took place. They obviously weren’t there and irrespective of their fantastic presentations, they know nothing at all about the work. I knew Bob Monroe quite well and he shared very little with me. He was after all, a patriot at heart and a true explorer. Hope that clears the matter up.

I have to answer this question because I have been asked many times, even though I find it ridiculous. The answer is no. Apparently I am not cool enough to be a member of such a prestigious albeit nefarious organization. That was a joke of course. The answer is still no.

That would truly depend on your willingness to change. In my opinion, this is as it should be. Because of this, change is sometimes slow in coming.

Many people wish to use the techniques learned in TTM to effect a positive change in their lives. This desire manifests as a conscious desire because they suffer in some way and wish to change that. This type of change however can sometimes be at cross intention with some belief about themselves or others which clings for life. These beliefs reside in the subconscious content. In order to make the desired and appropriate changes, the participant will have to be willing to let go of things which no longer serve them through confronting these beliefs. They need to own them and then consciously make decisions in accordance with the change they would like to become. This takes discipline and diligence. It does not happen magically.

Having said that, change is possible. Discovery is possible. The ability to use the mind to effect such change is possible. It all depends on the willingness of those who participate.

Not as it is known in today’s circles through popular books and websites. Consciousness is still a mystery. One explored by the sciences, mystics and philosophers for millennia.

Consciousness itself is a phenomenon. One that is still unfolding in our understanding.

TTM postulates that the probability that consciousness and reality are intertwined. This theory echoes the mystics, quantum theorists and philosophies. This theory can easily be applied to the most mundane of circumstances where human functions of human consciousness (focus, diligence, determination, and will) can literally alter the landscape of the planet.

Of course consciousness applied can change reality. Quantum theory and other PSI research implies something else is also taking place. That mind and matter have a unique relationship. That mind is somehow interacting with matter and creating reality. That is something which is explored deeply within Stage Three of the program and is the product of such research and application. If you’d like to know more about the research being done in such things, I refer you to  the many episodes of The Expanding on Consciousness podcast available on this site and through the many distribution channels for podcasts.  You may find the science behind healing, mind over matter, remote viewing and other Psi functions eye opening.

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