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What Are TTM Facilitators?

Triad Mind Facilitators are fellow students of consciousness, helping to act as Tour Guides through this process of Self Realization & Self Actualization.  Every Triad Mind facilitator, or “Tour Guide”, brings a unique perspective to this work based on their experiences.  Each also bring a deep understanding of the content, protocols, technologies and topics that you will encounter during your exploration of expanded states of consciousness.

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The Triad Mind Mission Needs You!

TTM is now presenting and promoting online classes via Zoom. We are also doing residential retreats in areas across the globe. As we expand our outreach, it is my goal to create a team of qualified TTM facilitators. This work not only has mass appeal, but is also profitable for the right people. If you are a graduate of TTM programs and have a desire to join our team of facilitators, we will be offering weekend certification programs beginning in 2024.

We offer this exciting program in the spirit of expanding the outreach of the work for generations to come. We believe in profit as a motivation and reward for effective facilitation and do everything we promise to help insure your success.

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