The Origins of TTM

The Origins of TTM

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The Triad Mind (TTM) was created to offer a means of living gracefully in a continually changing world. This sense of grace is achieved by introducing participants to the deepest parts of themselves through meditation. The benefits of meditation are many and you can read about some of them on this site.

The origins of TTM began in December of 2001 when Mark Certo (former recording engineer for The Monroe Institute) began to reconsider the purpose of his life’s work. As a recording engineer and musician, Certo had a profound appreciation of the power of sound to invoke emotional states in the listener. This knowledge had been expanded when in 1988, he had been invited to join the lab team at TMI by the Institute’s founder Robert Monroe. Monroe had become quite well known for several books he had written about his experiences in the Out of Body State.  For the next fourteen years, Certo had become deeply involved in the scientific exploration of brainwaves and altered states of consciousness.  It was during this time that Certo became instrumental in refining the applications of the Binaural Beats to induce altered states of consciousness.

The Institute is an organization well known for its research into altered states of consciousness such as the Out of Body State. During his tenure at TMI, Certo had the great fortune of meeting and working with some of the most fascinating minds in the field of consciousness research. Remote Viewers, Energetic Healers, Astronauts, Scientists, Clinicians in all fields of Western medicine, were continually in circulation. “It was a heady time those early days at TMI ”, says Certo. “People were constantly in the lab being tested on the latest experimental frequencies. There was always a desire to move them higher and higher….further and further in consciousness away from the physical. It was a bit like a party! For me, it seemed like something was lacking in the thinking. The exploration of altered states of consciousness took precedence over physical life! It was as if the folks who coveted these experiences were somehow trying to avoid reality, rather than live in it fully.”

The serious questions about the origins of these peak experience and the truest nature of consciousness were always foremost in his thinking. “What do these experiences tell us about ourselves?” he would ask regularly as he observed the participants eager for the OBE. “The need to understand that we are more than physical is all well and good, but what about living life to the fullest? How can we use this wonderful technology to improve and empower people to do that?” The answer came years later in the form of The Triad Mind.

The Triad Mind Program was designed for anyone wishing to have a powerful In The Body Experience, through exploring inner space. Certo believes that by simply helping one relax the body and mind, they can explore their inner life. “The hypnogogic state with all of its rich imagery is incredibly revealing. It tells us a great deal about how we perceive the events in our physical world.” The approach of TTM is very simple. First, teach the participant to access the hypnogogic state through the appropriate use of binaural beats. Second, allow this access to have the greatest impact by helping them ride the edge of awareness and discover how their thinking process affects their world view. This ordinarily creates a larger world view through exploring limiting beliefs about themselves and others. Third, through this new awareness, help the participant realize that they can recreate their current world through using the power of imagination.

In addition to these, TTM gives specific techniques to help teach people how to move into peaceful states of being without the aid of binaural beats. This empowers the individual to learn how to de-stress, focus their attention and direct their awareness in a new and empowering way.  “It’s very practical and extremely useful” says Certo. “The important thing to remember is that we really are in control of what happens in our physical life. At the very least, we are in control of how we respond to the events that happen. This can only be done through understanding how we respond and through focusing our intention to choose a different response. In making this choice, we begin to see how it is that we can live a more tranquil life. If meditation can do one useful thing, it is this. My guess is that the earliest teachers of meditation did not mean for it to be used as a tool to escape physical reality, but to enhance ones personal life through expanding awareness to include our responsibility toward ourselves, each other and the planet. That’s my philosophy after all of the esoteric experiences I have had. That’s what The Triad Mind is all about.”

Mark Certo is a recording engineer with over 35 years experience in creating meditation recordings utilizing binaural beat technology. He has extensive training as a broadcaster and has interviewed many noted authors including: Dr. Charles Tart (author of Altered States of Consciousness,) Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut and author of The Way of the Explorer), Joe McMoneagle (Authos, Scientific Remote Viewer), Elizabeth Kubler-Ross(author of On Death and Dying) to name a few.

In addition to his years of experience using binaural beat stimulus to affect altered states of consciousness, he has written several articles on the topics of meditation and transformative states of consciousness. He has participated as a consultant in various clinical studies testing the effectiveness of binaural beats to invoke brainwave potential. His spiritual pursuits include meditation techniques from several different disciplines. He is a passionate student of the Kabbalah, from the Lurianic, Western Esoteric and Toledo traditions. His Kabbalistic studies have helped him integrate a more cohesive understanding of the unified themes of most religious practices, giving him a unique perspective and respect for all. He did seven years of training in the work of A.H. Almas, and has graduated Integrated Kabbalistic Healing as taught by Jason Shulman (founder of The Society of Souls). He is also a passionate student of the work of C.G Jung and takes an integral approach in working with clients in his psycho-spiritual healing and teaching practice.