Blog Series: In & Out of Body Experiences Pt.2

Blog Series: In & Out of Body Experiences Pt.2

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Part Two: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

So now that the preambles have concluded, let’s get started with the question most asked of me: How can I have a conscious Out of Body Experience?

The most simple suggestion I can offer is for you in this moment, is to take a nap. Preferably at midday and no longer than 90 minutes. An alternative time would be to practice just after relieving yourself upon awakening from a good nights sleep.

Most people who report having spontaneous OOBE’s claim that the experience comes during some for of sleep. Coincidence? Not to me. Before you get an impression that OOBE’s are nothing more than a form of nightmarish hallucinations, lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis and ergo not worthy of consideration, I ask you to suspend your disbelief in favor of curiosity. To be sure, the OOBE may have its roots in sleep pathology, but I ask you to consider the notion that pathology is not always the revealer of truth. That said, a serious researcher cannot overlook the possibility that the OOBE is connected to sleep.

So in the interest of critical thinking and research, there is one fundamental question that I have asked. That question is: Are there correlations between OOBE’s, Lucid Dreams, and Sleep? The short answer is yes. Although sleep is a very natural occurrence in the life of many species on the planet, Lucid Dreams and Out of Body experiences are not. This question has led me to some interesting conclusions about the nature of both LD’s and OOBE’s. Before we get to looking into the subtle differences between LD’s and OOBE’s (and there are differences), allow me to share how it is that I came to exploring this question in depth.

Throughout the summer of 1993, as recording engineer for The Monroe Institute, I had been advising Bob that the time had come to release Hemi-Sync tm recordings in CD format. For several months this idea had met with a strong resistance for a variety of reasons. I had almost abandoned the pursuit, when one day Bob Monroe came to the lab recording studio full of excitement about his latest idea. He had recently discovered that CD players had programmable features, which he believed could be put to an innovative use. His latest venture was to be called Time Out For Sleep. This new project was a sleep inducing CD which could be programmed in a variety of ways to help people who dealt with sleep issues. Like many people in their senior years, Bob was one of those people.

In our usual fashion, we spent many hours discussing the project planning. Such discussions allowed me to understand Bob’s inspirations for the project. To this day, I like to know the driving force behind any creative project I undertake. It helps me connect with the muse so that I can best help express it. Bob explained that on one level, we would be helping people who suffered from insomnia. On another level, we would help them explore sleep and therefore the Out of Body State. I was somewhat taken aback by this last statement. I had always thought that the OBE and sleep were two very different things. Up till that time, I had experienced only one alleged OBE but had slept and dreamt at least 11,680 times! What did he mean by this statement?

He explained to me that he believed, “Everyone has OBE’s every night when they go to sleep. They are simply not conscious of it.” He said this was exactly what happened in my own experience, which I will share with you in later installments. If memory serves, Bob also wrote about this idea several times in his quarterly articles for the TMI Focus. In his first book which chronicled his initial Out of Body experiences, Bob also shared that his OBE’s always came while he was falling asleep. For him (and now for me) there were some very obvious connections between sleep and the OOBE.

Bob and I discussed the binaural beat frequencies he wanted on the Time Out for Sleep CD and I went about my work. There was no need to give the matter another thought.

Several years passed and so did my friend Bob. In the intervening years, between Time Out and 1995 when Bob passed, I became privy to Bob’s knowledge about the theory behind the creation of binaural beat matrices. Part of this knowledge includes the ontology of sleep.

In the fall of 95, with his daughter Laurie at the helm, I now became an integral part in the decision making process regarding what recordings TMI and Monroe products would create. I lobbied to create the Lucid Dreaming series, which features my voice on the recordings. I believe the series is no longer available, but I could be wrong. In order to do this series, I needed to do a lot of research regarding the phenomena of Lucid Dreaming. Although I personally had many lucid dreams in my life, I had never heard about being able to train myself to have them. Up till that time they occurred spontaneously for me and were always quite profound.

Fortunately, Dr. Robert Vandercastle and Stephen LaBerge had written books and studied the subject for sometime. Through these works, I was led to other items in sleep research which helped me attain the needed information and create a successful series. I also learned how to induce and control lucid dream’s for myself. I was naturally excited to learn this technique! As exciting as the feeling of control was, I became even more excited about what I was learning regarding the emerging knowledge in the field of sleep research. One field of study was on a phenomena referred to as sleep paralysis.

A quick word about Sleep Paralysis. This blog is about how to induce transcendent experiences such as the OBE and Lucid Dream State naturally. It is also about the value of having such experiences. As I said before, I am aware that these states are very powerful and transformative. I am also aware that in simply mentioning sleep paralysis, that I may be sparking controversy. That’s fine with me. My objective is to help you understand what is known and what is possible with regards to such experiences. My objective is to help you consider the facts, as well as the mystery of consciousness in general. My goal is to help people use this understanding to become more than they previously thought possible. The work I am presenting within the Triad Mind Program is oriented towards this goal. So I won’t spend anytime explaining sleep paralysis for you. If you are interested in knowing more about it, visit: I highly recommend that you take the time to read it if interested. This article will explain what is known about the phenomena and is filled with historical references about the experience. In it you also find correlations between this phenomena, the OBE, and Lucid Dreaming.

I bring this Wiki article and the phenomena to your attention, not because it fully explains the OBE or LDE, but because it will give you some insight for your consideration. I will continue this blog series and get more deeply into: How to have, control and integrate such experiences naturally. For those who have had spontaneous OBE’s and are frightened by the experiences (as my friend Bob was initially), this article may also provided some solace.

Back in the late 1960’s when Bob was having his experiences, sleep paralysis was a little known phenomena. Had it been widely known and understood, I wonder if Bob would have made different choices in his life armed with this information. I suspect the answer is no, but one can never be sure.

After reading this article, you may be tempted to write off OBE’s and LDE’s as mere sleep hallucinations. You are welcome to jump to such conclusions, but you’d be missing out on something very important. Although I personally feel that sleep paralysis may provide some of the answers to the mystery of the OB and LD experiences, it does not address the validity or value of such experiences. There is no doubt in my mind that these experiences are extremely valuable and very real. If they are properly integrated, they can also provide you a means for becoming more than you ever thought possible.

In the coming installments, I will present more information about how to achieve this.