About The Triad Mind

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with founder Mark Certo

Meet Mark Certo

Recording Engineer - Consciousness Researcher - Podcast Host

Mark began his career through a love of music. He became fascinated at the psychological, spiritual, emotional effects  music had on himself and others. Music was and is a powerful force.

These observations lead him on an odyssey towards understanding the fundamental answers as to why this was true. While pursuing a career as a musician, composer, recording engineer and producer, life unfolded for him in mysterious ways which eventually provided the answers. These mysterious occurrences began to be noticed through various meditation disciplines, which enhanced his love and interest in music, sound and vibration.

Meditation brought about not only a sense of clarity, but a genuine sense of curiosity which only increased his understanding. Much like a snowball gathering and collecting more of itself as it gains momentum, Mark’s life flowed with one event following another, leading him to an unpredictable and fulfilling destination.

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Recording Engineer - Consciousness Researcher - Podcast Host

Upon following an impulse, in 1984 he moved his family from NYC to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Still pursuing music and meditation, Mark opened a recording studio which opened new doors for creative expression. During this time, his career expanded to include radio broadcasting. An addition which came again through mysterious circumstances or happenstance. Although busy, he went on happily until the spring of 1987 when upon returning from a trip to England, he received an unlikely phone call which changed the trajectory of his career. This change included all the interests and skills amassed over the previous decade. He met Robert Allen Monroe.

In the early 1980’s, Monroe opened an institute dedicated to the study, exploration and understanding of human consciousness. While prompted by his own anomalous experiences, Monroe wanted to understand the root and meaning of such experiences. To this end, he invited clinicians from every discipline of consciousness studies to come and partake of his method of exploring consciousness. That method was a sound based technology which allowed people to access the hypnagogic state. Tens of thousands came from across the globe to experience this for themselves. Many applying it in clinical circles.

In 1987 Mark became the sound engineer for The Monroe Institute working closely with Monroe and a handful of lab technicians to expand and improve upon this technology.

Monroe & Beyond

During his thirteen years of service at Monroe, Mark developed  a unique friendship with Bob Monroe, working closely with him to develop the recordings he used in his programs. Mark’s position as sound engineer and researcher provided him access to the myriad others who came to provide their curious minds to the problem of consciousness. People such as: Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo Astronaut and Founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Dr. Charles T Tart. ( PSI Researcher, Prolific Author and Father of Depth Psychology.) and Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross (Psychiatrist, Author of On Death and Dying which made major contributions to Hospice), to name a few. The list of contributors to the great work of understanding is too long to mention. Suffice to say, Mark’s education in consciousness studies deepened with every encounter. He was able to avail himself of a lot of wisdom which he applied to the sound technology Monroe had created. After Monroe’s passing in 1995, Mark became the chief creator of the works released by the Institute.

The Mission

The Triad Mind is a meditation on truth. Truth that is found within. Proper meditation techniques are designed to help you do both. The Triad Mind specializes in these techniques.

Our Mission is to make these techniques available for the seeker of truth.

As The Triad Mind continues to illuminate the path of self-discovery, we aspire to create a positive impact in the way we all find and explore truth.

The Vision

Our vision is a vision of everyone having access and ability to discover the truth. We know we cannot provide that truth. The truth is found within. Discovery of truth is rooted in exploring consciousness as you sense and use it personally. The Triad Mind is a non dogmatic / philosophically neutral meditation path as a means of doing so.

Our vision is that in doing so, each individual and the collective consciousness will one day achieve this goal and use consciousness wisely for their own benefit and the benefit of others.

The Impact

On a personal level, discovery through exploration has many benefits. One can literally change ones life in doing so. There is so much to explore in the personal and collective mind. Both of these are a form of consciousness. The impact of this path will change you in many ways. Into what and whom, is entirely up to you.

Our hope for you is a profound state of peace through Self Realization and applying that knowledge towards Self Actualization.

Consciousness is the greatest gift and our most precious possession. Through it, we ascribe meaning to and co-create reality. In this respect, you are the subtle underlying cause of the entire universe.

-Mark Certo

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